Antique Rose gold myrtle crown

Antique Rose gold myrtle crown


A rose gold vintage wedding myrtle flower wreath / wedding tiara with matching boutonnière for the groom. The soft wired wreath and its filigree branches, leaves and flowers are pliable and can be carefully bent and adjusted to fit any head size. There are two loops at the ends to secure it with a hair ribbon or bobby pins.

The history of the Myrtle wreath goes back to ancient times. The Myrtle was consecrated to the Romans of the goddess of Love Venus, in the Greek mythology of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. Therefore, the branches of the Myrtle are considered a symbol of love beyond death, but also for virginity, vitality and many healthy children. In the 16th century this custom was also introduced in Germany. So myrtle crowns were worn for wedding and wedding anniversary. 

  • Captured in Berlin

  • Measurement 19cm

  • Rose gold plated leaves

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