Antique golden myrtle wreath with pin

Antique golden myrtle wreath with pin


A modern twist on vintage tiaras, this unique myrtle crown has one row of myrtle flowers and comes with a pin. Use it to sweep back tousled locks for the hazy summer nights or on your special wedding day.

With caution the flower branches and leaves can be bent into the desired shape and can easily be adapted to any type of head. The loops at the ends are intended for attachment, either with a delicate ribbon or with hair clips. It goes equally well on the backside of the head as it does on the top. Give the matching pin to your partner or why not on your favourite jacket.

The history of the Myrtle wreath goes back to ancient times. The Myrtle was consecrated to the Romans of the goddess of Love Venus, in the Greek mythology of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. Therefore, the branches of the Myrtle are considered a symbol of love beyond death, but also for virginity, vitality and many healthy children. In the 16th century this custom was also introduced in Germany. So myrtle crowns were worn for wedding and wedding anniversary. The matching pins were for the gentlemen to wear,.  

  • Captured in Berlin

  • Measurement 25cm

  • Gold plated brass

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