Bridal FAQs

What is Adornment Bridal Couture?

Our Bridal Couture includes unique bridal wear in exclusive fabrics left over from the French and Italian fashion houses. Each dress is made in our Stockholm studio with newly arrived haute couture tailors. 


What can i choose from?

Either you can choose a style from our Created Design Archive which you can find here. Small changes in the design are possible and will make the piece after your measurements. Each style is available in different colors.

Or we can create a dress uniquely for you. We sit down together or meet via Skype to discuss your wedding day, your inspiration, what you would like to accentuate the most etc. Our design team will make a design suggestion for you that we will tweak together until it feels perfect for you. The price for Bridal starts from €4000.

What should i bring to my first appointment? 

If you have one or two pictures that inspires you or a specific jewellery that you plan to wear on your special day, it could be a great starting-of point in the creation process. Think of what you most like to accentuate, all your unique traits (and not what you want to hide), because that is what we will focus on.


Who should i bring to my fittings?

We suggest you limit the guest list to no more than three guests whose style opinion you value.


Can i add accessories to my look at Adornment? 

We have a selection of veils (custom-made), antique jewellery, vintage clutches and pouches that you are welcome to choose from.


What are overstock/leftover fabrics?

These are the fabrics we use to ensure quality, uniqueness and sustainability. The fabrics are left over from the Italian and French fashion houses, which means we only have a few meters per fabric roll. This makes each dress unique, which fits us perfectly! 


The choice of fabrics?

Our team is specialized in fabrics and laces and will choose the best texture and feel to each dress while having your preferences in mind.    


When should i schedule my first fitting?

We will contact you as soon as your gown is ready to be sewn, which is approximately eight weeks before your wedding day.


What should i bring to my first fitting? 

Please bring the undergarments and shoes you would like to wear on your wedding day to ensure the hemline and bodice are fitted after your preferences. 


How many fittings will i need? 

The number of fittings will depend on the style of the dress. Our team will inform you how many fittings you will need and how many fittings that are included in your price. Two or three fittings are typically required. Following your final fitting, we will celebrate here in the studio (of course you can bring friends)! We then press and pack your Adornment to be shipped or taken home for you to enjoy on your important day. 


do you do bridesmaid dresses?

We would be more than happy to create bridesmaid dresses as well for your special day. If you are interested in having your bridesmaid dresses made by us, please mention this when contacting us regarding your bridal dress. You may choose the bridesmaid dresses from our Created Design Archive or ask for uniquely designed dresses. The pieces are made according to the bridesmaids' measurements. 


can you shorten the dress after the wedding?

So that you would have more use of your special dress after the wedding, we can shorten it to an elegant cocktail or summer dress for an additional cost.