The Adornment Studios tailoring service is called Couture which is another word for tailored, or customised. Couture embodies the absolute level of individualism, creativity and a certain savoir faire. Through the new approach to creation, Adornment aims to reveal the hidden process behind tailoring and craftsmanship, allowing the customers, easy access into the mesmerizing world of couture.

Adornment offers two unique and bespoke tailoring experiences where the customer will be a part of the entire creation process (Read more about the services here). Regardless of the service the customer chooses, the Adornment design process remains the same. All couture is made by highly professional Swedish tailors who contemplate the sensual and sophisticated Adornment silhouettes while always leaving room for personal interaction and fine-tuning. The final garment is almost exclusively the result of a close dialogue between the studio team and the client at hand.

Prices vary depending on thecustomers preference regarding design, fabric and the Adornment team’s involvement throughout the creation process.  Read more about pricing of the different product groups and feel free to contact us for inquiries.

Please note that booking an appointment does not imply putting an order; we love to show our product over a cup of coffee casually and unprejudiced.