Adornment offers a unique and bespoke tailoring experience, where the customer will be a part of the entire creation process. All couture is made by highly professional Swedish tailors who contemplate the sensual and sophisticated Adornment silhouettes, while always leaving room for personal interaction and fine-tuning. The customer’s needs and preferences will steer choices in terms of design and fabrics, which will unravel the garments unique savoir-faire


  1. During a first design meeting we go through ideas, inspiration, silhouettes, fabrics and other thoughts of the dream dress. Adornment suggests styling and an overall look. The meeting takes place in the Adornment studio, Hotel Diplomat or via Skype (if you live abroad). We present you with a first design draft.

  2. You notify us whether you would like to proceed with the design to the next step*. Feedback or potential notes of adjustment are warmly welcomed. 

  3. We present you with a final sketch and go over the details regarding the creation process ahead. 

  4. Adornment meets with the chosen tailor and to go through all sewing details. We coordinate all fittings as well as the selection and purchase of fabrics.

  5. We assist you in all fittings (usually 2-3 fittings) to ensure that the bespoke garment is made according to your preferences. The fittings take place at Adornment’s studio, Hotel Diplomat, at the tailor’s atelier or in your home. 

  6. During the final fitting we celebrate with sparkling wine. We press and pack the dress to be shipped or taken home.

* Please not that booking an appointment does not imply making an order. We charge 30€ for the first appointment, which is taken upon booking or the first meeting. The fee is fully redeemable against making an order.


Includes two design meetings with a unique design sketch, ordering and purchase of fabrics, contact and coordination with the tailor and professional assistance during all fittings.


650€ (Adornment Full Design & Creation service ) + 1200-3000€ (Tailor’s Sewing Cost*) + 300-700€ (Materials & Fabrics)

= 2150 - 4350€ depending on sewing cost and fabric choice


550€ (Adornment Full Design & Creation service) + 500-2500€ (Tailor’s Sewing Cost*) + 300-700€ (Materials & Fabrics)

= 1350 - 3750€ depending on sewing cost and fabric choice

*The sewing cost is decided by the tailor and depends on the garment’s design.